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Custom radio remote systems by Flodraulic


Hetronic radio remote control systems are the gold standard of the industrial radio remote control industry, and at Flodraulic, we strive to make your machine operation safer and more economical.


Hetronic has over 300,000 global installations, and customers immediately benefit from their proven expertise. Flodraulic partners with Hetronic to create customized systems to fit your industrial application.


Example Applications:

• Oil and Gas

• Construction

• Locomotive

• Work Platforms

• Explosion Proof

• Drilling

• Materials Management

• Agriculture

• Marine


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Customized solutions

Hetronic radio remote control solutions

No matter the application or global location, Hetronic is confident that our wide range of innovative products will increase the safety and efficiency of your machines.


Flodraulic collaborates with Hetronic and with their support network in over 45 countries, to help you maximize your “uptime”, no matter where you work in the world.