The Flo-Mec System is available in various levels:

  • Complete control and field wiring system installed and commissioned by Flodraulic.
  • Complete control system installed by customer. Flodraulic will provide onsite commissioning support.
  • Complete control system installed and commissioned by customer.
  • Flodraulic will provide phone support for install and commissioning.
  • All levels include install instructions and manuals.





  • Press faults and warnings from each sub-system
  • Hardware messages
  • IOLink diagnostics

Permissives (operator help)

  • Each sub-system HMI screen displays conditions and indicators to step the operator through function requirements
  • Displayed on the same screen as the controls for specific sub-system

Production Counters

  • Various batch/bin and run counters for parts produced tracking.
  • Customizable in type, quantity and function.

Main Motor

  • New VFD can be customized
  • Ability to reuse exiting motor controls
  • Main Motor HMI screen displays a trend of amperage against press angle. Useful for load and counterbalance air monitoring.


  • Customizable to meet existing press requirements (number and type of input/output devices)
  • New VFD driven lube pump option. Overcomes the issue of manual relief valve setting issues.
  • Grease system options

Programmable Cam Outputs

  • Packaged in 8 output lots.  (8, 16, 24, 32, etc.)
  • Relay contacts wired as dry contacts to terminal points (allows various voltages to be used)
  • Terminal point locations can be customized

I/O Monitors

  • Display of each input and output from plc hardware, drives and IOLink devices

Dieprotection Inputs

  • Packaged in 8 input lots. (8, 16, 24, 32, etc.)
  • NPN or PNP or a combination of both
  • SPM limitations are based on speed of press, stroke length and on angle duration.
  • Options available for high speed applications

Tonnage Monitoring

  • Various peak and thru-the-stroke
  • tonnage monitoring systems available
  • Calibration service available

Shut Height

  • Control of across the line starters or variable frequency drive
  • Monitoring of shut height using IOLink linear transducers

Hydraulic Overloads

  • Flodraulic manufactured hydraulic system options
  • Control of existing overload systems
  • IOLink pressure transducers for display of pressures


  • 200 recipes standard
  • Storage of all data including naming functions

Remote Diagnostics

  • Using a plant Ethernet connection, we can connect remotely to assist with troubleshooting
  • This remote connection can be physically disabled (by means of a selector switch) to limit unwanted access

Press Upgrades – Complete turnkey or retrofit services

Utilizing our extensive experience in upgrading presses to meet the new CSA Z142-02 codes, the FLODRAULIC team can take care of the entire upgrade, including hydraulic and electrical modifications.


• Complete Retrofits of All Press Room Equipment

Including presses, coil feeders, transfers, robotic systems, press line controls, guarding, conveyors, etc.


• Complete Mechanical and Hydraulic Press Control Refits

Can include all new hardware, or simply an ugrade of the safety circuits to meet new safety code requirements.


• Press Controls Built to CSA Z142-02 Recommendations

Code for Power Press Operation: Health, Safety, and Guarding Requirements.


• Versatility

Experience with Allen Bradley, Siemens and others.


• Prestart Health and Safety Review available


Please contact us for more information or a quotation.