Flodraulic. Innovation applied.


Problem and Solution

Integrating hydraulic muscle with electronic intelligence

As a mobile System Integrator, we have expertise in designing entire machine control, monitoring and diagnostic systems. Our capabilities include CANbus, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic, radio remote control, diagnostic, remote monitoring and M2M technologies.


We bring together the many technologies required, for machine control, to create a complete solution by working closely with our clients from the initial concept to the full production of their machine/vehicle.



Telematics and Asset Tracking are becoming integral in many machine control systems as a method of responding to system alerts quickly and seamlessly, monitoring/predicting maintenance requirements, performing diagnostics, and updating/upgrading programming… all from a remote location!


Through the use of our intuitive and simple website, your vehicle location and status can be accessed from any computer with web access. Additionally, alerts and status updates can be sent to a cell phone or mobile device.


Flodraulic takes personal pride and ownership on any challenge given to them. They take responsibility and follow every project through to successful completion. Flodraulic is always considering the overall scope of a system – be it mechanical, hydraulic or electronic – not just their portion of it. They've added safety interlocks we didn't foresee and proposed efficiency improvements that made our products better.  The word "can't" is not in their vocabulary, no matter what the obstacle, they have always found a solution to complete the job and meet our demands.

~ Mark Pennings, Bay-Lynx Mfg.