Flodraulic. Innovation applied.


Integrating hydraulic muscle with electronic intelligence

Increasing Value

Flodraulic is a mobile system integrator with expertise in creating full machine control and monitoring systems. Our systems can include electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics, remote control, diagnostics, remote monitoring and asset tracking.


Through proficiency in hydraulic, pneumatic, electronic and information technologies, we are able to provide turnkey solutions for the optimum control and operation of even the most demanding mobile systems.


As an experienced system integrator, we are able to create a 'smart' system with diagnostic and information processing capabilities. We can also include GSM transmission, data logging and GPS capabilities.


At Flodraulic, we continue to explore new and improved technologies in an on-going effort to provide increasing value to our customers. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist in your design efforts.



• Ability to interface with J1939 engines

• HMI, joystick and radio remote control

• Intelligent preventative maintenance

• GPS positioning and tracking

• Online asset tracking and data logging

• Various remote communication protocols

• Secure system access via biometrics



• Significant reduction in wiring

• Automated functions

• Precise speed and position control

• Reduced downtime

• Real-time machine location and status updates

• Store multiple operator profiles

• Ability to program and troubleshoot remotely

We entertained proposals from several solution providers, but decided on Flodraulic. I mistakenly considered them a 'hydraulics only' provider. They convinced us that they possessed the creativity and 'out of the box' thinking that the project demanded. They came through on their promises  and proved to us their expertise in electronics and controls. At the onset of the project, I had concerns that our dream/concept was too big with too many challenges. Now, I fear that our dreams/concepts are too small. I highly recommend the team at Flodraulic and we will solicit solutions from them again in the future.

~ Darcy Warren, Vice President, R&D, Liquiforce