Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Finding solutions

Combining hydraulic power units with electronic control and electronic panels, we are able to provide fully proportional and servo controlled solutions to meet the most stringent demands.


We have experience in the steel, chemical, packaging, food, machine tool and press industries as a complete solution provider.


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Flodraulic takes personal pride and ownership on any challenge given to them. They take responsibility and follow every project through to successful completion. Flodraulic is always considering the overall scope of a system – be it mechanical, hydraulic or electronic – not just their portion of it. They've added safety interlocks we didn't foresee and proposed efficiency improvements that made our products better.  The word "can't" is not in their vocabulary, no matter what the obstacle, they have always found a solution to complete the job and meet our demands.

~ Mark Pennings, Bay-Lynx Mfg.