We entertained proposals from several solution providers, but decided on Flodraulic. I mistakenly considered them a 'hydraulics only' provider. They convinced us that they possessed the creativity and 'out of the box' thinking that the project demanded. They came through on their promises  and proved to us their expertise in electronics and controls. At the onset of the project, I had concerns that our dream/concept was too big with too many challenges. Now, I fear that our dreams/concepts are too small. I highly recommend the team at Flodraulic and we will solicit solutions from them again in the future.

~ Darcy Warren, Vice President, R&D, Liquiforce

Custom manifold blocks

Satisfied Customers

Flodraulic would like to be your custom manifold provider of choice.


Whether you require just one cartridge in a special body OR to integrate an entire hydraulic circuit with dozens of cartridges –
a custom manifold is the right solution.


Flodraulic can offer manifold solutions that incorporate threaded cartridges, DIN insert cartridges, CETOP valves or a combination of all. We will find the best and most cost-effective solution for your application.


Benefits of a Custom Manifold:

• Make your equipment unique

• Save on fittings and hose/tube cost

• Decrease machine assembly time

• Clean compact presentation

• Minimize the number of potential leak points

• Simplify purchasing and inventory

• Save on fittings and hose/tube cost

• Optimize your machine

• Weight savings


Whether you want to clean up an existing circuit or create a new one, we are available to work with you to achieve your ultimately desired end result. Please contact us for more information.